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Wirelessgroundwater sensors

For real-time ground water monitoring


TracWater's Groundwater Sensors are compact, simple and cost-effective. Sensors offer real-time monitoring, remote control, cloud management, mobile operation and anytime, anywhere functionality. Hosting a variety of built-in sensors for level, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and temperature and with many more on offer, ground water monitoring just got eas

Quick set-up and installation

IP68 connectors for a quick fit connection. Cellular/WiFi configuration using the cloud. Log data downloads and firmware updates. Setup operation parameters, monitor system and calibrate sensor via TracWater-provided software

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Smart functions

Bluetooth, cable-free operation and configuration. Configurable, scheduled and automated alarm notifications. Logs periodically event alarm and transient levels. Provides battery operational forecasts and early warning of low battery to avoid breakdowns


Real-time monitoring

TracWater software enables automatic registration and synchronisation of devices so you can instantly start monitoring the ground water in your network from any of your devices through the online portals interactive easy to interpret statistical analysis, report generation and alert functions

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