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manhole sensors

Create 24/7 monitoring tools with

our low-cost distance sensors 

Convert manhole lids

into super smart sensors 

Reduce costs, protect assets, prevent pollution and help to save lives and property damage

Monitoring sewer manholes in real time can provide significant benefits to water utilities by helping them to detect and prevent sewer overflows, reduce treatment costs, improve operational efficiency, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Australian company TracWater, supplies the TracNet manhole sensors and cloud based TracNet systems. TracNet is used by water utilities to monitor sewer and stormwater manholes to help prevent sewer overflows by identifying blockages, leaks and other issues before they cause a backup or overflow.

When sewerage and stormwater manholes overflow they can contribute to  polluted run-off, which can contaminate  local waterways and harm aquatic  life. Monitoring sewerage and stormwater manholes can help to identify potential sources of pollution and prevent contamination.

section: TracNet delivers this Australian breakthrough in IOT cloud Real Time data as an information service model that delivers the data and the sensors needed for Low cost around the world

Cloud Data Management:-
TracWater TracNet IoT Cloud

TracWater IaaS user-interactive high-speed  cloud data system including alerts and alarms.

Get SMS and email alerts and alarms for sewerage spills, manhole lid tilt, rising sewerage or storm water levels under manhole lids, illegal opening or dumping of liquid waste etc.

Includes TracNet cloud portal access, sensor installation app for fast 5 minute installation and up to 3-5 years of sensor battery life communications.

TracNet sensors are geo-mapped with status and live update of measurements for distance, manhole lid tilt angle, temperature, communications and power.

TracNet IoT Cloud portal mockups
IOT Wireless Alarms icons


  • Distance to 4 meters

  • Manhole lid tilt angle

  • Manhole temperature

  • Battery voltage

  • NB IoT signal strength

Sends alerts and alarms for:

  • Surcharging

  • Manhole lid tilt or displacement

  • Battery voltage

  • Communications

Why TracNet®

sensor systems? 


    • Self-contained, cloud-based sensor unit

    •  IP68

    •  Supplied with special NBIOT antenna which operates from  the underside of a manhole lid

    •  Up to 3-5 years of battery life (reporting 1-2 times per day)

    •  Fast and secure magnetic attachment to manhole lid

    •  Can be easily installed without any expensive confined entry requirement

    • Live geo-mapped view of installed locations

    • ​User-interactive data and charting

    •  Automatic alarms and alerts 

    •  Heartbeat monitoring of communications and battery level

    •  Accurate measurement of surcharge distances

    • Real-time reporting of manhole displacement

    • ​Time-stamped data can be sent to GIS or SCADA

  • Low-cost hardware starting bundle includes:

    • 10 x TracNet sensors  complete with antennas

    • 1 year of access to TracWater’s award-winning  TracWater cloud operations and high-speed intreactive data systems

    • TracWater TracNet cloud portal acess for 5 x TracNet users


Reduce costs, protect assets, prevent pollution and help to save lives and property damage

  • ​Immediate notification of overflow events

  • Manhole movement detection

  • Plug and Play installation. Confined space entry is not required

  • Battery life of up to 3-5 years*

  • Wireless low-power NB-IoT technology

  • IP68 waterproof protection Level

  • ​Early Warning System for surcharge events

​*depending on communication frequency

Dimensions:  115*115*40 mm

Net weight:   240 g

Materials:  stainless steel and ABS plastics

Construction:   bolted compressed o-ring seal



TracNet sensors are designed to be low-cost inteligent devices offering a suite of capabilities.

TracNet delivers this Australian breakthrough in IOT cloud technology as an information as a service model. 

Includes supply of sensors and interactive data for a single low fixed monthly subscription.*

*TracNet's cloud-based information as a service model provides both the data access and the rental of the sensors. Use requires NBIoT wireless signal availability.

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Can't find what your looking for?

Don't worry, we can also build speciality items to suit your business's needs.

Purpose-designed digital water quality analysis sensors are available. No reagent is needed. We have more coming.

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