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 Underground sewer and tradewaste management

TracWater IaaS and iJiNUS wireless cloud-based radar level sensor offer real-time level monitoring and calculated metering of flows for monitoring in underground sewer networks and harshest outdoor environments.


TracWater provides and all-in-one user-friendly system for real-time remote monitoring of underground water, trade waste, sewerage, or wastewater flows. The iJiNUS wireless cloud-based radar level sensors use the latest in electromagnetic radar technology which means readings are not impacted by particle exposures such as wind and temperature variations making it the perfect solution for monitoring in the harshest environments including underground sewer networks.

Real-time wastewater monitoring capabilities

Historically, it has been difficult to accurately measure the volume of underground trade waste discharge to town sewer lines. In the TracWater online portal watch flow data in realtime to start seeing the impact of specific site processes and assist in management strategy designs.

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Compact, rugged & waterproof housing allows for discreet installation in small spaces with minimal environmental footprint visible. The radar sensor uses electromagnetic waves which are not impacted by particle variations making it perfectly suited for outdoor use, even when exposed to weather conditions. 


Plug&Play, autonomous monitoring solution suitable for permanent or temporary installations. Sensor is battery powered, with large on-board memory and is pre-configured to communicate via 4G to the TracWater IaaS user friendly mobile & desktop portals for geomapped interactive data displays, remote configuration and automated alarm and alerts.

water drop
    • Radar water level sensor LNR06V4 measures up to 6 meters.
    • Electromagnetic sensor waves not impacted by particle variations such as wind and temperature.
    • Wireless remote configuration for ease of use and security.
    • Autonomous monitoring using long-life battery powered and on-board memory of 500 000 measurements.
    • Compact and rugged design - IP68 housing discreet installation in small spaces.
    • Communication: local by radio + 1 optional card 4G (LTEM – NB-IoT)
    • Inputs : 1x External power supply (5Vcc-30Vcc), 2x contacts 100Hz, 1x Modbus
    • Outputs : 1x Power supply (internal battery or switch), 1x Open Drain, 1x Modbus
    • Wireless configuration and data transfer via 4G (LTE-M / NB-IoT) to TracWater IaaS user friendly online portal.
    • Live geo-mapped view and easy management of new and existing installations.
    • Secure access to all real-time and historical data with full analysis capabilities.
    • User configurable email and SMS alarms and alerts.
    • Automatic daily/weekly and or monthly user report generation 
  • ​It is recommended for monitoring: 
    • Measuring underground water, trade waste, sewerage or wastewater level and calculated flows 
    • Streams level monitoring for preventive management of low water and floods
    • Lagoon discharge level and flow monitoring
    • Irrigation Canal radar level measurement
    • Any other needs in water level measurement
  • Software
    TracWater Information-As-A-Service Online Portal 
    Data Format
    Users can download data into a CSV file from the TracWater online portal. Automatic uploads of formatted data to a nominated server can be programmed to meet third-party software specifications and data security requirements.

    LNR06V4 features
    • Measuring distance: 0,15 … 6m
    • Resolution:2 000 samples available for the measured distance, 1mm minimum (Example : ± 4 mm for a distance of 6m)
    • Accuracy: ± 0,2% of measured distance with a minimum of ± 2mm*
    • Data logger: Integrated, capacity of 500 000 data
    • Radio access point: yes
    • Operating temperature: -40 … 85°C
    • Inputs: 1 external power supply (5Vcc…30Vcc), 2 Contacts 100Hz, 1 Modbus
    • Outputs: 1 power supply (internal battery or switch), 1 open drain, 1 Modbus
    • Communication: Radio HF (868 MHz or 915 MHz) + 1x optional cellular card 2G / 4G (LTE-M – NB-IoT)
    • Radio / cellular antenna: Internal or external radio antenna, external cellular antenna. Please see the configuration table
    • Energy: Lithium Battery : 3,6V 34Ah
    • Configuration: AVELOUR software part of the configuration kit: Wijikey or M0C
    • Technologies: Radar imaging 60 GHz, eKo® algorithm, LAMY® filtrering
    • Certifications
      Atex : II 3 G
      Ex ic ec IIB T4 Gc
      Tamb : -20°C…+60°C
    Logger Housing:
    • Logger: PA12 filled with natural glass fibre
    • Antenna bolt and connector:Inox A2 304
    • O-ring seal: EPDM
    • Enclosure rating:IP68: 1 month time under 1 bar (only when an Ijinus mounting kit is used PN : H0T00053 or H0T00060)
    • Dimensions: Ø 74 x 197mm (without external antenna)
    • Weight: 520g/td>
’TracWater Pty Ltd is the Australian distributor for iJinus products and sensors. All sensors are quality control tested pre-configured to communicate to TracWater IaaS on-line platforms and secure data servers before dispatch from our Gold Coast factory.’ 
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