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Rivers, Lakes & Seawater Remote Water Quality Sensors

TracWater IaaS and iJiNUS cloud-based instrumented buoy’s offer real-time environmental water quality monitoring solutions.


TracWater's cloud-based environmental water quality monitoring solutions offer real-time, remote monitoring across freshwater, seawater and wastewater environments. Floating instrumented buoy’s host a variety of sensor combinations including conductivity, salinity, pH, oxygen reduction potential, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and temperature and wirelessly communicate to the TracWater IaaS user friendly online platform providing a completely integrated solution.

 Geo-mapped data

TracWater IaaS attaches a unique signature to every piece of data with date, time and location for geographical visual display and fast comparison analysis. Easily self-manage new installations using the TracWater IaaS portal.

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 Smart Cloud Monitoring

Dynamic communication between multiple floating buoy sensors and automatic wireless data uploads for real-time remote monitoring. Sensor heartbeat monitoring for battery life and NB-IoT signal strength and user configurable report generation and alert functions.

 Completely Integrated Solution.

 TracWater software enables automatic registration and synchronisation of devices so you can instantly start monitoring from any of your devices through the online portals interactive easy to interpret statistical analysis.

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    • Remote, cloud-based environmental water monitoring 
      solution (freshwater & saltwater compatible, potable, 
      recycled and wastewater compatible)

    • Compact and self-stable buoy 
    • Instrumented Buoys with radio and 4G communication (LTE-M / NB-IoT)
    • Multiple sensor options available to suit monitoring requirements.
    • Time-stamped data can be sent to GIS or SCADA
    • Bouy’s can retrieve data by radio from other buoys nearby and send data wirelessly via GSM / GPRS to TracWater IaaS platform.
    • All in one remote monitoring solution: Hardware comes pre-configured to the TracWater Information-As-A-Service user friendly online portal.
    • Live geo-mapped view of installed locations
    • Secure access to all real-time and historical data with full analysis capabilities.
    • Live geo-mapped view of installed locations
    • User configurable email and SMS alarms and alerts
    • Automatic daily/weekly and or monthly user report generation
  • Dissolved Oxygen / Temperature - BAN-OX:

    DO uses luminescent optical technology. This sensor is approved by the ASTM International Method D888-05. Accurately measures in all situations and especially in very low oxygen concentrations. Sensors can be contained inside titanium or stainless-steel body.

    pH / Orp / Temperature - BAN-PH:

    Uses digital technology and combined electrodes. The calibration data is held inside the sensor.

    Conductivity / Salinity / Temperature - BAN-CE:

    Uses four electrode technology. An alternating current of constant-voltage is established between a primary pair of electrodes in graphite. The secondary platinum electrodes regulate the voltage imposed to primary electrodes reflecting the fouling. The voltage measured between the primary electrodes is the function of the resistance conductivity measurement.

    Turbidity / Temperature - BAN-TU:

    Turbidity optical sensors measurements based on infra-red nephelometry / 850 nm. The sensor can be calibrated with a formazin standard solutions.

    • Natural water monitoring (River, Lakes & Seawater)
    • Wastewater monitoring.
    • Treatment of industrial effluents
  • Software
    TracWater Information-As-A-Service Online Portal
    Data Format
    Users can download data into a CSV file from the TracWater online portal. Automatic uploads of formatted data to a nominated server can be programmed to meet third-party software specifications and data security requirements.

    • ​Datalogger: 500.000 Measures
    • Radio access point: Yes
    • HF antenna: Internal ou External depending on model
    • Option GSM antenna: External on GSM/GPRS models
    • Operating temperature: -40 …85°C
    • housing: ABS 20%FV
    • Sealing: IP68
    • Energy: Bat : 3,6V 34Ah
    • Autonomy: Up to 4 years
    • Configuration
      – AVELOUR software using RFID wireless connection
      – USB/RS485 Converter module for calibration
    • ATEX certification
      II 3G Ex ic nA IIB T4 Gc
      Tamb : -20°C…+60°C
    • Certification : FCC: SE6A001 – IC: 10983A-A001
    • Buoyancy volume: 2L
    • Dimensions: Ø 160 x 580mm (with external antenna)
    • Weight including batteries: 1Kg
’TracWater Pty Ltd is the Australian distributor for iJinus products and sensors. All sensors are quality control tested pre-configured to communicate to TracWater IaaS on-line platforms and secure data servers before dispatch from our Gold Coast factory.’ 
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Can't find what your looking for?

Don't worry, we can also build speciality items to suit your business's needs.

Purpose-designed digital water quality analysis sensors are available. No reagent is needed. We have more coming.

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