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Pump & motormanagement system

For maximum efficiency and load control


Water pumping costs can be up to 40-50% of energy costs for some businesses. TracWater's Pump and Motor Management System embraces a proactive approach to the reduction of water pumping energy costs. Using TracWater's online portal for tracking water use and costs, combined with our MeterTrac online portal for monitoring energy use and costs, provides you with the ultimate water and energy tracking solution

Real-time power and water monitoring

TracWater and MeterTrac give you the power to get utility meter readings in real-time from anywhere in the world using wireless and the cloud. TracWater and MeterTrac software enables automatic registration and synchronisation of devices so you can instantly start monitoring power and water from any of your devices

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Saving money on water and power bills

Conserve water and power consumption and reduce wastage by ensuring appropriate and efficient pump use, combined with energy supply strategies to ensure correct motor functionality. By having the right equipment running at optimum efficiency, could save your business thousands of dollars annually

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