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At TracWater, we offer a diverse range of highly specialised solutions and services utilising the latest technological innovations to create leading SAAS and IAAS solutions, engineering services and water services. We are committed to providing our customers with top-quality and often first of kind solutions.

Our Services

Working in collaboration with a network of associates TracWater offers a diverse range of highly specialised solution services.

Three key service areas:

Engineering Services

TracWater IaaS and SaaS cloud-based measurement and verification systems in conjunction with our associates offer a range specialised analysis and 3D hydraulic modelling services for critical water infrastructure:

TracWater Cloud-based Solutions

Wireless Water Quality Monitoring

Wireless Pressure & Transient Monitoring

Wireless Underground sewer monitoring

Wireless Environmental Water Quality Monitoring

 Wireless Ground Water Monitoring

Wireless Flow Monitoring & Metering

 Wireless Pump & Motor Management System

Customised wireless cloud platform solutions for unique problem solving

TracNet Cloud-based Solutions

Wireless sewer & stormwater manhole depth and lid tilt monitoring.

Wireless tank level monitoring

Wireless flood early warning systems (monitoring depth below bridges)

Customised, accurate wireless depth monitoring down to 4m

MeterTrac Cloud-based Solutions

Wireless real-time precision energy monitoring

True real-time power quality analysis and precise measurement

Wireless measurement of temperature, indoor air quality, water and gas consumption

Identify and monitor energy consumption and wastage across entire businesses

Remote control over plant and equipment

Electrical load diagnostic

Electric Motor Monitoring Systems

Customised wireless cloud platform solutions for unique problem solving

Our IAAS and SAAS Specialist Features

  • 24/7 real-time data visibility and access to all historical data

  • User-friendly, interactive data visualisations and trend analysis

  • Geolocated data points

  • User-defined alarms and alerts with customised threshold limits

  • Remote control via the IAAS portal (applicable product packages only)

  • Data sovereignty & the latest in cyber security complying with the cloud computing security standard published by the Australian Signals Directorate (Australian Federal Government).

  • Data export capabilities for integration of data into other systems.


Utilities & Councils | Universities | Research & Conservation | Mining | Land Management | Land Developments | Commercial & Industrial

Specialist Water Infrastructure Analysis & Modelling

Water & Wastewater network modelling

Pipeline System analysis

Water Hammer / Pressure Transient Analysis

Pump Selection and system analysis

Water & Sewerage reticulation network capacity assessment

Stormwater Quality, Quantity and management modelling

Engineering Design, 3D Design & Visualisations Water and Sewerage Reticulation

Sewerage Rising Mains

Water trunk and transfer mains

Water and Sewerage Pump Stations

Bulk Earthworks

Stormwater drainage

Rigid pavements, driveways, footpaths

Stormwater modelling and management plans

Peer review of designs

Design & Hydraulic Modelling Software Expertise

Design software expertise in;
Civil 3D, Infraworks, Plant 3D & Navisworks
Hydraulic modelling software expertise in; 
Bentley Hammer (Water hammer/transient analysis)
Bently WaterGEMS/WaterCAD (Water network steady state analysis)

EPANET (Water network steady state analysis)
PCSWMM (Stormwater & Sewage network modelling)

MUSIC (Stormwater Quality modelling

Drinking Water & Recycled Water Services

Tracwater in conjunction with our experienced water quality associates can provide a highly specialised range of critical drinking and recycled water services including management plan development, risk assessments and montoring plan audits.

SAAS and IAAS high-speed cloud data monitoring solutions

We have over decade of experience engineering high-speed cloud data Information As-A- Service and Software-As-A-Service solutions. Our IAAS solutions are fully integrated product bundles that include application-specific cloud platforms, as well as accompanying hardware and sensor packages. Our SAAS solutions provide cloud-based, real-time, long term or short-term measurement and verification monitoring as well as interactive analysis and vital data for hydraulic modelling, auditing and fault finding. We provide IAAS and SAAS compatible solutions across the power, water and gas industries.

Drinking Water & Recycled Water Services

Management Plan development, validation and operation of potable and recycled water schemes and water quality improvement plans

Quality Assurance and Risk Assessments for industrial and municipal recycled
water use. HACCP control documentation for water service providers

Monitoring program audits to ensure compliance with the Risk Management
Framework of the ADWG and state water regulations

Drinking Water Services

Design principles for chlorination stations.

Process design for groundwater treatment

Monitoring and adjustment of dosing regimes to optimise chlorination and chloramination

Assessment of raw water sources and their treatability

Plant audits for pathogen, DOC, manganese and other contaminant removal

Development of mains cleaning procedures to reduce nitrification and extend chloramine life

Sampling of bores and assessment of water quality and treatability

Recycled Water Services

Site management principles for advanced water recycling plants during commissioning, performance proving and operation

Validation and verification program for pathogen reduction at water recycling plants to meet the requirements of Australian Recycled Water Guidelines

Challenge testing and verification for pathogen reduction

Design and management of challenge testing at water recycling plants

Design of biological treatment methods for recycled water

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