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Wireless Pressure & Flow Meters

TracWater IaaS and iJiNUS wireless pressure & flow meters offer cost effective real-time monitoring solutions.


Compact and robust in design the iJinus BLUE smart meters are completely portable, plug and play, autonomous, multi-application, flow and pressure meters. Data is securely transmitted to the TracWater IaaS online platform for remote, real time continuous monitoring and diagnostics of pressures, flow rates, metering, and regulation control.

Easy installation

Plug and play with wireless remote configuration. Quickly measure pressure at fire hydrants, without affecting the smooth operation of the drinking water network. 

water drop

Purposely designed to be multi-connected, you can connect a second pressure sensor or electromagnetic flowmeters to measure flow rates or connect to meter transmitter heads for fast metering.


Battery packs and communication chips can be easily swapped out and upgraded on site as required safeguarding investments. Meters run off long life battery power (up to 10 years) and devise are compatible with all communications networks.

water drop
    • Built-In Pressure Sensor (4-20mA Input) 0-25 Bar with quick coupling connector, drinking water certification: NSF/ANSI 61/372 – MH60087
    • Compact and robust design (IP68: 2m/100 days) 
    • Quick and easy, ‘plug and play’ installation.
    • Autonomous operation with 500 000 onboard data storage capacity.
    • 2x digital contact inputs or counter 100 Hz max,
    • 1x 4-20mA input for external sensor
    • 1x RS485 Modbus Input or Output
    • 1x digital output default set to door open event logging for built in security and installation/maintenance convenience.  
    • Wireless configuration and data transfer via 4G (LTE-M / NB-IoT) to TracWater IaaS user friendly online portal.
    • Live geo-mapped view of installed locations 
    • Secure access to all real-time and historical data with full analysis capabilities.
    • User configurable email and SMS alarms and alerts 
    • Automatic daily/weekly and or monthly user report generation 
    • Water network pressure monitoring: Quick connection to a fire hydrant or pipe.
    • Drinking water network diagnostic. 
    • Flow logging: Modbus connection of electromagnetic flowmeters (Krohne, ABB, Siemens). 
    • Water metering: Pulse counting (100Hz max)
    • Control and command of a control valves via digital output.
    TracWater IaaS and iJiNUS cloud-based flow & pressure meters is a cost effective, portable, waterproof, and robust monitoring solution ideal for installation in any environment, and secure delivery of all data for highquality monitoring.
  • Software
    TracWater Information-As-A-Service Online Portal
    Data Format
    Users can download data into a CSV file from the TracWater online portal. Automatic uploads of formatted data to a nominated server can be programmed to meet third-party software specifications and data security requirements.

    BLUE-LP data logger
    • ​logger: 500 000 measurements  
    • Inputs:2x pulse inputs 100 Hz maximum, 1x 4-20mA input (built-in pressure sensor), 1x 4-20mA input for an external sensor, 1x RS485 Modbus input (if not used as output)
    • Outputs: 1x Door open digital input 1x Modbus output (If not already used as input)
    • Connector: M12 12 points
    • Radio communication: around 100M communication distance (Wiji protocol)
    • Antennas: Internal radio antenna and external cellular antenna
    • Housing: PA12 50% glass fibe
    • Sealing grade: IP68 at 2m /100 days
    • Energy: Bat : 3,6V 34Ah
    • Configuration: Wireless configuration kit (PN : MOC00001 or WijiKey) that includes the software AVELOUR 7
    Internal pressure sensor:
    • Pression type: Absolute
    • Range:0-25 bar
    • Test pressure: 50 bar
    • Burst pressure:200 bar
    • Accuracy: ≤ 0.3 % of full scale
    • Operating temperature:-30°C up to 85°Cr
    • Storage temperature:-30°C up to 100°C
    • Certifications:NSF/ANSI 61/372 – MH60087
    Ordering infos
    • BLUE-LP-82-LTE: Battery powered logger, radio / 4G / LTE-M / NB-IOT data communication

    • F0A00081: Flexible with quick coupling pressure connectors
    • H0K00022DN65 aluminium hydrant cap with coupling connection
    • H0K00024: DN100 aluminium hydrant cap with coupling connection
    • D0I001372M12 12Pts connector / bare wires cable
    • D0I00138: M12 12Pts connector / Krohne flowmeter 3M cable
    • D0I00139M12 12Pts connector / ABB flowmeter 3M cable
    BLUE-LP dimensions:
    • Dimensions: 116 x 224 mm for a thickness of 52,5 mm
    • Weight700g (with battery and cellular card)
'TracWater Pty Ltd is the Australian distributor for iJinus products and sensors. All sensors are quality control tested pre-configured to communicate to TracWater IaaS on-line platforms and secure data servers before dispatch from our Gold Coast factory.’ 
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Can't find what your looking for?

Don't worry, we can also build speciality items to suit your business's needs.

Purpose-designed digital water quality analysis sensors are available. No reagent is needed. We have more coming.

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