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About Us

At TracWater we are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to provide cost effective industry leading wireless monitoring solutions.

Our Story

TracWater Pty Ltd is a sub entity of OzGreen Energy Pty Ltd established 2009. TracWater was created to help solve the unique water and sewer challenges using cloud-based solutions that would be versatile and multifunctional, coupling long-life battery powered and solar powered sensors to user friendly interactive online platforms. Since the company was first established TracWater now has over decade of industry experience providing comprehensive cloud monitoring solutions in power water and gas sectors to government departments, Fortune 500 companies and water and power across Australia and internationally.

Our Mission

At TracWater we believe in combining the power of cloud-technology with clever engineering designs to create build breakthrough IaaS and SaaS monitoring solutions and systems that are user friendly, cost effective and sustainable, paving the way to positive changes within the water industry. 

We have more than a decade of extensive industry experience and are dedicated to offering comprehensive cloud monitoring solutions that are tailored to our clients individual needs.

TracWater's mission is clear: To utilise the latest advances in AI, cloud and sensors technologies, together with innovative smart engineering designs to provide honest and affordable solutions to bring water industry.

Our Values

Innovation | Integrity | Diversity | Adaptability | Commitment

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionise the water industry by providing transparency, uniformity, integration and connectivity across the water industry on a global scale through the power of the cloud.

We believe that change begins with knowledge and knowledge is information. We empower our clients by providing critical information for informed decision making, as well as change measurement and verification in order to optimise operating efficiency, increase critical resource safety and security, extend infrastructure operating life and reduce environmental footprints.

Our commitment is to continue pioneering comprehensive cloud monitoring solutions tailored to the diverse needs, fostering real-time insights and driving positive change in water and power sectors globally.

TracWater measuring real-time data sensor measurements since 2016

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Sensor measurements made per day



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