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Meet the Team

At TracWater, we are a team of professionals who are passionate about making a difference in the world. Our team is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the water industry that are both sustainable and effective. Meet the individuals behind the vision who work tirelessly to transform the water industry for the better.

TracWater measuring real-time data sensor measurements since 2016

Total sensor measurements made 



Sensor measurements made per day



Sensor measurements made per second


DMA Advanced measurements made 


TWIG Units measurements made 


Portable Units measurements made 


Our Management Team

Phil Hubble

Chairman and internationally experienced director and entrepreneur with specific interest in disruptive, innovative technologies and the people who make change happen

Chairman & Director

Len McKelvey

Managing Director, entrepreneur and inventor with a passion for development of collaborative partnerships to drive faster uptake of cloud-related water technology

Founder, CEO & Chief Design Engineer

Annaelle Nir

Annaelle specialises in fitting TracWater’s tailored IaaS solutions to our customers’ needs

Sales & Marketing Manager

Marcus Gregson

Marcus is TracWater’s Operations Manager with extensive electronics manufacturing experience

Operations Manager

Our External Advisors

Our Operations Team

Our Cloud Data & Data Visualisations Team

External Team

Sourabh Saxena

Sourabh specialises in TracWater software development

Rahul Singh

Rahul specialises in delivering optimal TracWater user experiences.

Vishal Kumar

Vishal is a dedicated TracWater cloud project specialist

Praveen Kumar

Praveen specialises in TracWater operating systems.

Shuaib Ansari

Shuaib is a seasoned senior TracWater software engineer.

Firoz Khan

Firoz is a TracWater software engineer with a knack for problem solving.

Muhammad Sakib

Sakib thrives in web development and improving TracWater user experiences

Narender Nougai

Narender is our senior quality analyst ensuring seamless TracWater system performance.

Poonam Karka

Poonam is our specialised TracWater backend technician with extensive database experience.

Harsha Bandara

Harsha looks after our websites and SEO programs

Sheree Harper

Sheree liaises sales and marketing requirements

Chris Pipe-Martin

Chris provides specialist water quality advice in TracWater projects

Advising Water Quality Scientist

Nico Strydom

Nico provides specialised services and hydraulic modelling in sewerage treatment plant & network design

Advising Consultant Engineer

Naveen Kumar

Naveen is a consummate IT professional managing the TracWater cloud IT team to deliver impactful technological advancement.

Advising IT Engineer

Alaguselvam Acharya

Alaguselvam is adept in plant operations, IT/OT transition, problem-solving, SCADA, complex solution delivery and target achievement.

Advising SCADA Engineer 

Adrian Salcedo

Adrian is TracWater’s team lead in new water and power cloud solution developments

Business Development Manage

Jac Morgans

Jac leads our factory and field instrumentation and engineering teams for water and power

Quality & Engineering Manager

Hernan Guevara

Hernan is a lead technician for TracWater’s field instrumentation technician team.

Factory & Field Calibration Team Lead

Mark Wells

Mark supports the team with admin services

Operations Specialist

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