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Wireless water pressure monitor

​For real-time water pressure monitoring


TracWater Water Pressure Monitors provide wireless, cloud-enabled water pressure monitoring in a compact, 4G, battery-powered package. Our integrated pressure sensor design enables  a powerful small form-factor package that can be deployed anywhere in your water network

Real-time monitoring

Detailed pressure data is collected and monitored, saving the cost of visiting sites and downloading data

Water drop

Alerts and notifications

Leak detection reports are in real-time providing an early warning system of low-pressure or high-pressure events

Water drop

Geo-mapping capabilities

Location coordinates can be mapped automatically with the GPS option or added manually in the TracWater online portal

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TracWater's Information-Aa-A-Service provides immediate access to real-time, geomapped, interactive water pressure information in the TracWater online portal

  • Cloud-enabled wireless water pressure monitor
    • Continuously monitor water pressure and check against target values 24/7 365 days.

    • High-speed detection, logging and notification of pressure transients.

    • Connect up to two Digital Input Sensors: for two-wire pulse output sensors

    • Connect up to two 4-20mA Analogue Input Sensors: Self-powered or use 12V loop power provided by the unit

    • Compatible with Modbus RS485 Sensors: Compatible for use with Siemens Mag8000 Flow Meters and up to two Digital pressure sensors. 


    • Comes with TracWater Information-As-A-Service, which provides immediate access to real-time data, full analysis capabilities, remote settings configuration, alerts setup and secure data storage.

    • Quick-fit pressure hose connection.

    • Flexible installation options; units can be permanently installed or used as portable units with built-in GPS tracking.

    • Alert notifications by email or SMS.

    • A proven combination of engineering design and high-quality components with several years of continuous operation, including submersion during flood events.

    • External antenna jack.

    • Connect the TracWater Sewerage sensor with an integrated isolation diaphragm for sewerage pressure monitoring

    ​Tracwaters online portal pressure monitor
    ​Tracwaters online portal pressure monitor
    • Non-revenue water mitigation projects

    • Potable and recycled water networks

    • Water storage monitoring

    • Irrigation lines on farms, golf courses, hotels and resorts

    • Water parks

    • Sewerage Pressure Monitoring (Uses a special isolation sensor)

    • Measurement and verification of water supply pressure to commercial properties and industrial operations

    The TracWater Water Pressure Monitoring System's geo-mapping capabilities make it the perfect solution for water utilities where water networks are divided into district metering zones
  • In-Built Sensors
    • Direct Connect 0-20kgf/cm2 Pressure Sensor with transient pressure event monitoring 
    • 0 to 1,900 kPa at +/-0.25% F.S. accuracy 

    • 0.05% F.S. resolution 

    • +/-0.025% F.S. repeatability 

    • +/-0.1% stability (annual) 

    • Overload capacity:3x  

    • Burst capacity: 4x 

    Compatible Sensors
    • Up to two 4-20mA Analogue Sensors (Use using supplied 12V loop power or self-powered0 

    • Up to Digital Input Sensors (2-wire pulse sensors)) 

    • Siemans Mag8000 Flow Meter 

    • Up to two Modbus Digital Pressure sensors 

    • TracWater 4-20mA AI 12V loop poweredSewerage Sensor

    Data Interval
    • >= 1 second (user-configurable from the TracWater online portal)  
    Upload Interval
    • 3G, 4G

    Power Supply
    • Low voltage battery power. Small internal battery pack to high-capacity external battery pack options are available. 

    • Mains power option available

    Data Format
    • Users can download data into a CSV file from the TracWater online portal. Automatic uploads of formatted data to a nominated server can be programmed to meet third-party software specifications and data security requirements

    • TracWater Information-As-A-Service Online Portal

TracWater portal

Tracwaters online portal pressure monitor data example

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Can't find what your looking for?

Don't worry, we can also build speciality items to suit your business's needs.

Purpose-designed digital water quality analysis sensors are available. No reagent is needed. We have more coming.

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