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Wireless underground sewer monitor

For metering underground flow channels


The TracWater Underground Sewer Monitor is a wireless, cloud-enabled solution for measuring underground water, trade waste, sewerage or wastewater flow. Historically, it has been difficult to accurately measure the volume of underground trade waste discharge to town sewer lines. As a result, many businesses pay for higher volumes of trade waste than they actually discharge.  This solution may provide you with the flow meter capability that you need

Opportunities for sustainable savings

Immediate and significant savings are possible if your business is charged for trade waste based on estimates by your water utility.

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Real-time wastewater monitoring capabilities

In the TracWater online portal watch flow data in  real-time to start seeing the impact of specific site processes and assist in management strategy designs

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Measure & Verify

Before adjusting any water supply parameters, establish definitive multi-measurement water quality profiles, then after the water supply adjustments are made verify that the impact on water quality meets your expectations

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The wireless Underground Sewer Monitoring System includes accurate real-time data in our user-friendly online portal. Real-time data and historical trends can be analysed in any web browser and you can make the data work for you by using our simple user-configurable alerts system to notify you on an as-needed basis

  • Cloud-enabled wireless underground sewer monitor
    • Compact, ruggedised IP68 construction. Atex option is available.

    • Plug ‘n play commissioning with automatic connection to the national 3G Telstra network. Customers can also use their own SIM cards.

    • TracWater Information-As-A-Service provides immediate access to real-time, interactive data and historical trend analysis in a user-friendly online portal.

    • ​Easily integrated with existing SCADA systems or databases.

    • User-configurable alerts are sent by email or SMS.

    • The upload schedule can be changed over the internet to save the cost of a site visit and gaining physical access to the installed unit.

    • The power supply can be a rechargeable battery (average 1-year life) or mains power.

    • TracWater provides complete supply and installation services.

    ​Tracwaters ultrasonic trade waste monitor
    ​Tracwaters ultrasonic trade waste monitor
  • Data Interval
    • 1 minute (user configurable) 
    Upload Interval
    • >= Non-stop continuous (user-configurable in the TracWater online portal) 

    • Note: Upload interval is the biggest factor determining battery life. 

    Data Communication
    • 3G
    • Tracwater information-as-a-service online portal 
    Power Supply
    • Mains Power 

    • Rechargeable Battery Pack. Over 1-year battery life with data uploads every 1 hour

    Data Format
    • Users can download data into a CSV file from the TracWater online portal. Automatic uploads of formatted data to a nominated server can be programmed to meet third-party software specifications and data security requirements
​Tracwaters ultrasonic trade waste monitor online portal example

Tracwaters ultrasonic trade waste monitor online portal example


Can't find what your looking for?

Don't worry, we can also build speciality items to suit your business's needs.

Purpose-designed digital water quality analysis sensors are available. No reagent is needed. We have more coming.

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