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TracWater manages water quality for sixth largest city in Australia

The city of the Gold Coast, Australia accurate, continuous, real time water quality monitoring across the water pipeline network

Problem statement

The City’s water distribution flows through 3,500 kilometres of underground pipelines and it is a regulatory requirement to prove that the water supplied is safe for humans as it travels from water treatment plants to the community. Grab sampling data for water quality monitoring was only relevant at the point in time it was taken, was too infrequent and provided no real time 24/7 information. The Gold Coast City required a cost effective independent cloud based solution with resilience during cyclones, flo ods, power outages and cyber-attacks.


  • 30 plug and play TracWater robots across the water pipeline network each robot making 4,000 water quality real time measurements a day measuring free

  • Chlorine, pH, E.C., turbidity, colour, salinity, TDS, ORP, temperature and pressure.

  • Fully integrated super speed cloud-based access to big data engines, real time with

  • Interactive analysis, friendly UI, control room vis i on

7 years of continual operation

  • Made billions of cloud based, real time water quality measurements at unbeatable low OPEX cost

  • Enabled the water utility to make fast and better decisions improving water disinfection and protecting consumer health and safety 24x7x365.

  • Operated nonstop for over 7 years with over 989,709,840 hours of water quality monitoring across the whole water pipeline network.

  • Operated without a single failure during flood, cyclones, power outages when parts of SCADA systems (costing millions of $) failed.

  • Some SCADA replaced with TracWater robots saving large costs.

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